Have a hobby? We probably have a book for you

If you’ve looked at the website for any length of time, it’s obvious digital marketing is our main business. Did you know we also publish books?

We have journals, logbooks, sketchbooks, day planners, travel notebooks, and more for everyone, including kids. Truth be told, thay have all been born out of our interests here.

Lots of hobbies

Despite what a lot of people say these days about hobbies dying, I’ve actually found the opposite to be true. Many are looking for islands of analog sanity in a digital ocean. Moreover, the latter has exposed us to so much that we want to try and enjoy.

I like to cook and think about how many recipes I’ve found online that have been great. For me, it’s easier to write them down in a recipe journal than to bookmark them on my phone or tablet. I can never remember if I saved something from a website, Instagram, or any number of sources. Hence the cooking, grilling, baking, and meat-smoking journals.

Quilting to metal detecting

The variety of book shows the influence of a lot of people. My mom and aunt were avid quilters; the twe related sketchbooks are all due to them. My Dad and others showed me the fun in metal detecting. Many of my friends are model railroaders. 

Having a related journal allows enthusiasts to record all the details of the pastime and make their own reference book. If you have kids, you know how important activity books are to keep them mentally stimulated and occupied.

Even if you aren’t into a hobby yourself, you probably know someone who is. These make great, thoughtful gifts at the holidays or anytime.