effective website and email writing on a computer
Sometimes it pays to be a little lazy when producing digital content.

5 tips for effective website and email writing

Sometimes you just fall into effective writing for digital marketing and communications.

Here’s a confession from someone who has worked in media all his life: I’m not good at typing, and I hate doing it.

I’m also not sorry about it.

Typing is a necessary evil in this line of work, and really, in life these days. My discomfort with it actually makes me a more effective writer. Here’s how: because I dislike it, I do the bare minimum to get my point across. Additionally, because I’m not blasting out ideas out at 80 words per minute, I can edit and revise as I write.

The minimalistic approach is handy in print, and especially in digital applications. More is not “more” when it comes to websites and email. It’s frequently just unread and deleted. 

5 ways to hook readers

Digital marketing is all about communicating ideas clearly and quickly. Consider how you go through your email. Mere seconds elapse as you scan subject lines until one jumps out. When it does, you give it a few more ticks to get the message.

It better be up front and on point. 

Here are five things to keep in mind when creating digital content:

  1. Edit, edit, edit – There can always be less text, especially if you have good images.
  2. Chunk your content – Create frequent breaks with clear headings.
  3. Descriptive headings – Avoid the temptation to be clever or cute. Instead, let the reader know what’s in the section. 
  4. Active writing and power words – Grab attention with the latter, such as “free,” “miracle,” or “genius.” Hold it with present tense.
  5. Don’t bury the information – Get what’s important in front of the customer first and follow with the less-critical.


The University of Maryland has a fantastic guide to digital writing that’s a quick read. 

The next time you have to create digital content, do yourself a favor and listen to that part of your brain that says, “Just get this over with.” It’s the right impulse and will help your messaging be more effective.