woman in thought about online marketing
What the #*$^ do I do about digital marketing?

Online marketing: It's OK to ask for help!

I’ve dealt with a lot of small and mid-size businesses over the years. Many of their owners know the core enterprise inside and out. What they don’t know is marketing, particularly when it comes to websites, email, and social media.

For many of them, it’s an afterthought and frankly, a chore. They also think they have to do it themselves. They don’t realize there are companies that can provide digital marketing solutions tailored to their business.

The reality is, a digital marketing strategy should be part of your initial business plan. Articles like this one from Forbes.com highlight the importance of and reasons to get your brand out there.

If you’re coming around to the idea you need help coming up with a program, developing a brand, building a website, starting an email campaign, or connecting with your audience through social media, here’s where to start.

Ask yourself and your partners the answers to these questions:

  • Why are we doing this? (the most important question of all)
  • Who are our customers?
  • Who do we want to be our customers?


Then look for an agency. Find one and get comfortable with it. Make sure they can tell you what they are going to do and how it will benefit your business. Start simply and scale up.

It’s OK to ask for help! It lets you focus on what you’re good at and enjoy. That leads to great success.