Good writing on a blog
Solid writing is a necessity to inspire trust with customers.

Grab more customers with good writing

Despite advances in the digital world, good writing in website content and other communications is still important. It provides that human connection with your customers that instills trust and makes those seeking your services take action.

Poorly constructed content can have the exact opposite effect. Potential customers will give you a little bit of a pass if your text, captions, and headers aren’t perfect – how much varies by business – but not a lot. They’ll just delete your email or move on to the next website that looks more put-together.

Here’s a draft of an email introducing a marketing agency to a client:


We are so excited to work with you! We are (company name) and we are looking forward to collaborating with you to develop/refine your digital marketing efforts. 

We are reviewing your client onboarding document, which you filled out prior to our initial meeting coming up and are really looking forward to connecting with you on our first meeting. If you’d like us to know something else before then, this is a reminder to add it to your onboarding document

Just as a quick reminder our first meeting with you will take place on XX/XX/XX. If you have not received a zoom link to meet with us by this date, please connect with us to make sure you attend. 

We look forward to meeting with you soon. 


(Company name and info) 

Here’s the same letter with a few changes to the language:

Hello XXXXXX: 

Greetings from (company name)! We’re looking forward to collaborating with you to develop and refine your digital marketing efforts. It’s very exciting to be working with you and your company, (client firm).

We’re currently reviewing your client onboarding document. A Zoom meeting will be scheduled soon to talk more about how we can help your business. If there are other things you’d like us to know before then, feel free to add them as comments to the onboarding doc (link) or email us.

The meeting will take place around XX/XX/XX. If you haven’t received a Zoom link to meet with us by this date, please reach out. 

We look forward to meeting with you soon. 


(Company name and info) 

If you’re the client, which makes you feel better about working with the agency? The difference in language of the second note is subtle, but it’s more concise and organized.

You’re capable of producing solid, well-written copy for your site. But if you don’t have the time, hire someone who can. It might seem like just another expense, but it can make a huge difference in conversion.

Don’t let that customer get away because of poor messaging. Read through your content, compare it to your competitors, and ask yourself, “Would I buy from this person?” If the answer is no or you’re not sure, maybe it’s time to get help.