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How big of a website does my business need? Ask yourself some questions before you build.

How big should my website be?

You know your business needs a website. But how many pages should it have and how complex should it be?

Before paying for an online website builder or hiring a company or even asking a friend to design it, ask yourself and your partners some questions:

  1. What’s the goal of the website? 

  2. Who is the audience?

  3. Who is my competition?

  4. What’s unique about our business?

  5. How much website can be managed effectively?


“What is the goal of the website?” is the most critical question. The easy answer might be “To get more business.” Well, duh. But drill deeper. Do you want to just give people the basics about your operation? That’s pretty simple. Do you want to have an online store? That requires more time and work. The response should bring things into focus for you and your team.

As far as audience, a business wants “everyone.” But the whole world isn’t necessarily looking for what you have. You might have a service and do 90 percent of your business in a 50-mile radius. You might have a product that only appeals to women between 35-60 who live in sunnier climates. Consider who is most likely to need what your company does.

The answers to questions 3 and 4 are intertwined. Before you even launch your enterprise, it’s a good idea to do some competitive research. What businesses are already in the market? How are their websites? What makes your operation different and better than theirs? How can you relate that to potential customers? Answer all these and your path will become a lot more clear.

How much time do you want to dedicate to building and maintaining a website? The first four questions should give you an idea of its complexity. You can always start small and employ growth-driven design. If you decide it’s better left in someone else’s hands, find a company you feel comfortable working with that you’re confident can execute your vision.

It seems like a lot to think about, but answering these questions before you develop a website will save a lot of time, money, and headache. Plus, you might just discover some things about your business that will help your overall marketing strategy.