A free Google business profile
Google Business Profile is the place to start your digital marketing journey.

Start with a free Google Business Profile

Opening and running a business is tough enough. But how as an owner do you even start to get your business on Google and build a digital presence? How do you show up on the search engines? Fortunately there’s an answer, and it’s a simple place to start.

Get a Business Profile on Google. If you can fill out a form online, you can get your operation listed. 

Even if you just have a basic website or landing page – or no page at all – you can still have a presence on Google’s search-engine results. The information includes your company name, address, hours of operation, photos and video if desired, and other details that establish you as a legitimate enterprise. You can detail the area you serve and tell people about what you do.

Your customers and potential ones will be able to find you. Moreover you’ll start to establish trust with them, which leads to better lead generation, sales, or whatever conversion you’re after.

The best part is the service is free.

Of course, it’s important to establish at least a minimal website and social media presence as soon as possible – ideally, even before your business actually opens. But if you’re doing it all at once, that’s OK too.

Don’t overthink it. Take the simplest steps first. The rest will come in time, and before you know it you’ll have the online footprint your business needs.